Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Makan Time

Today Mummy ate lotsssss of food. Maybe she thought she's having triplets.

Mummy, I am all alone here!

They were having GungHo Monthly Party during lunch time to celebrate August babies.

After this one uncle finished reciting doa makan, Mummy quickly rushed to soto corner, grab a bowl of soto, then snatched a slice of pizza. After swallowing the pizza, (thanks Mummy, Hnyb likesss pizza so much!) Mummy ate Nasi Ayam. Mind you, Mummy's soto is still untouched. Then, Mummy had a spoonful of pasta goreng. After that, Mummy realized she has a soto to finish. Gosh Mummy. I'm full already!

p/s-Sorry sayang, Mummy was a mami-monster just now. Mummy was so hungry.. Love u :*

Monday, August 25, 2008

New Blog!


I've been thinking about starting a new blog for the past few weeks, and today I forced myself to create one. Have 2 blogs and 1 FP during uni time, one at diaryland and another one, a55iebug5y which lasted for about 10 days je kot. Haha.

Guess this blog gonna be different from b4.

Last time MrJ was the InvisibleMan, now he's my man.

Last time I was trapped in the UK, now I'm living in entrapment.

Last time I didn't realize that student life is heaven, now I do.

Last time I never knew that I was carrying a 5x5cm cyst inside my MissOvary until I got married, went for Hajj, came back and the cyst ruptured, Dr J3an Woo did the emergency surgery and as for now alhamdulillah, I'm cyst-less and HnyB is residing happily inside mummy's womb.

Lots of things had happened really. Thank you Allah for blessing me with a loving and understanding hubby...I am now enjoying my preggy moment and this blog is dedicated specially to HnyB; mummy and abi's precious baby. Mwahhh.