Thursday, February 26, 2009

We love Abi

For the past 5 weeks Mummy and I are here in Perak, Abi never failed to come back every weekend to visit us. There was time when Abi reached Opah's house at 11.30am on Saturday and took the 10.30am bus back to KL the very next day! This is what I call - L.O.V.E :* We love you Abi!

Abi tried very hard to spent quality time with me everytime he was around. He read Al-Quran, Al-Furqan and Baby Books for me. He is such a funny dad and knows how to entertain small and cute baby like me. He was also the one who successfully introduced me to bottle-feeding-Mummy's-EBM last weekend. Now Mummy suspected that I loike bottle more than the origin. Huhu. Depress.

First attempt using Dr Brown's bottle failed. Gune teat NUK yg PCMC kasik free tu yg ok.

Everytime Abi left Opah's house on Sunday, Mummy never failed to cry and I never failed to sleep when he left. :-(

When I was in Mummy's tummy for 36 weeks, Mummy was all alone in KL. (except for weekends) I pray hard that Abi will work in KL soon so that the 3 of us can live happily under one roof. Amin.

Can't wait to see Abi again this Saturday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Late Night Show

Today genap 6 days nadirahku menjadi super-cranky. Malam dr kol 11pm-1am dy host 'The Late Night Show with Maryam Nadirah'. Tetamu di studio ade 2 org, Mummy and Opah. Malam td penonton bertambah kerana rancangan dah dapat liputan luas - Abi. Abi ni tetamu jemputan kalo buat weekend punye shooting je, weekdays tetamu tetap ade 2 org je. Basically rancangan ni pretty simple, host (Nadirah) akan mendendangkan lagu2 hard rock selame 2 jam, diselangi dengan beberapa advertisement produk penyusuan ibu yg dibawakan khas oleh Mummy. Ade juga aktiviti sauna (read:tuam) seluruh badan Host yg di co-host oleh Opah. Host juga menjemput Opah untuk mengalunkan Qasidah dan Marhaban di tengah2 malam buta. Normally 1am sharp, Nadirah dah buleh tido sampai pagi.

Mcm2 hipotesis Mummy and Opah buat. Kembung due to air filter, cuace mcm nak hujan, cuaca panas sangat, sarung tgn suke tercabut, kipas kuat sgt, sarung kaki suke tercabut, tuam sikit sgt, minyak telon x rasi etc. Sebut la aper sahaje mummy and opah dah try segala mcm care to eliminate the cause of Kembung. Nampaknyeh belum ade jalan penyelesaian.

Smalam we went to Klinik Yasmin for 6th-week check-up and Hep-B injection. Meraunglah puteri santubong Abi itu bile kene cucuk. Adoi. Mummy yg tgk pun rase sakit. Sian anak Mummy. Berat Nadirah has increased to 3.8kg! Alhamdulillah. Her weight mase newborn was 2.29kg, so she has increased 1.5kg in 6 weeks. Hoho. Doctor said the kembung cud possibly cause due to the jamu that I've taken for the past 2 weeks. Mummy feels so terrible and now has stop consuming it. :-(

Alhamdulillah Nadirah x demam after the injection. But as always, she never missed to shoot another late night show last night.

Mummy sayang Nadirah and Mummy kesian tgk Nadirah nangis kua2 mcm tu.

Semoga Allah mudahkan malam2 yg mendatang. Amin.


Monday, February 16, 2009


Last night was another challenging night for mummy. HnyB cried like somebody just hit her with tali cemeti. Siap menggelupar lagi. Sedih btol tengok. It was 12.45am when she started howling. Mummy was panicked and Opah came to rescue her cucu.

Opah ruled out that the root cause is Kembung. What else kalo budak nangis malam2. Huhu. While Mummy feeding her, Opah tuam her whole body. Baru la stop nangis. Actually she didnt cried that long. Less than 5 minutes to be exact. But the volume, the body languange and the super red face made us all super-depress. She's too small to bear all the pain. Argh. This is the 2nd night she put up a late night show like this. I just cant imagine if she started to join the 'Late Show with David Letterman' when Mummy back to work nanti. Dahla Mummy all alone. No Abi tu help. No Opah to tuam. Oh Allah, please help me.

Mummy needs to rest now. Anakanda is sleeping, better catch some sleep while I can.

Sunday, February 15, 2009



The blog is suffering from an Ice Age era, but spring is on the way!

I know, it's been erm.. a while since the last time I scribbled here. My last entry was exactly 10 days before HnyB was born. Siapa sangka babyku mahu melihat dunia 4 weeks earlier that the EDD? Her EDD was yesterday, Feb 14th. Only Allah knows best, right?

Alamak sekejap, nak change diaper HnyB.

Ok, done. She's rengek2 now and Opah is kind enuff to entertain her pulak. Buah hati intan payung Opah sekarang, malam2 nangis sure Opah yg tejage dulu. Hehe.

Post-partum updates - me currently berpantang at Perak, and today is day-30 already! huyeah! another 2 weeks to go before this 'regime' ends. I kinda enjoying my routine now tho at first I felt like living in a communist era where there's so many do's and dont's. But now it works well with me, nak jage badan kene la berpantang sikit bak kate Che Ham the bidan. Hoho.

Labour room story is on the way. Susah jugak nak berblogging while having a little princess around. To finish this short entry, it took 1 diaper change, 3 bf sessions, 1 lunch, an afternoon nap with princess and bathing her. So we are looking like another one week before I could finish an entry on my labour room experience.

Welcome to the world, Maryam Nadirah Muhammad Nizar! Pic was taken @ PCMC, on our last day. Nadirah was 7-day-young.