Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Liyana and HnyB

Phew. One of the reasons I didn't announce to the world bout this bloggy is because I'm too lazy too update it. All the momentum has gone with the wind... ~~~

Ok, to sum up (I love summary!), MrJ and I just have another brand-new anak buah, F4timah Nur L1yana! Mabruk to K Wati and Abg Zal for their new bundle of joy!! The cute baby looks more like her sweet ummi than ayah. Delivered @ HUKM on 3rd November and we visited her on the 2nd day at the hospital. 7 days later, her kenduri aqiqah was held at Masjid Bandar Tun R4zak (pic below: K wati and Liyana @ kenduri, 2-2 x leh makan kambing). MrJ and I meratah kambing like there's no tomorrow. Sedap babe. Menjilat lengan baju.

15th November: Imah's Bday! Happy birthday sista! May Allah bless you with all the nicest things in life. On the same day, we went to PCMC for monthly check up (Week 27). Confirmed, HunnyB is a girl! I-Allah. Alhamdulillah :* Everytime mummy gi check-up, hnyB mesti ngah sujud. Aduh, pemalu btol anak mummy ni. Mcm Abi agaknyeh.. Dr S3ri said her jaw looks like abi's. Hehe. Good for you my dearessst baby, mummy has triple chin, not lawa one, hnyB jadi cute mcm Abi ok? Mwahhhssss.

Captured in the lift @ PCMC on our way back home :*

Got to do some serious work now. Afterall, I'm @ work! Urghhh $%*-+#@~~!