Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Physio Class

I went to my first ever physio class last Sat and Princ3 Court. The physiotherapist was Ms Ning (or is it Ming? I'm not sure). Actually I wasnt so sure what to expect. I wore the exact long t-shirt I wore went MrJ and I went snorkelling at Pulau Sapi and Manukan last July (Pulau Sapi kan hubby? Erk. I'm now having serious problem with my memory, serious!)

Ops, baru teringat. (see, memory failure) I've been to Physio Class before. Not mine, but MrJ's. It was about 2 years ago, after MrJ had his knee surgery. (the exact same surgery Owen had..hehe. yg ni aku boleh ingat pulak) Last time, the physio room was like a mini gym, and I was expecting to see the same environment la, but when we were called into the room, it was more like rumah urut. Haha. Suspen gak den.

So Ms Ning started off the session by asking lots of questions which honestly, I dont think I answered them correctly. Mane la aku nak ingat zaman dulu2 backpain rase sakit mcm mane, start from mane, etc2. Kirenyeh amik medical history of my back pain la. Fine. I just wanted to go straight to the treatment part, ok. I'm in pain. Forget about history, we are now living in present.

Ms Ning had given me 3 homework and I'm now struggling to remember all of them. (Sbb x buat la yg lupe tu! Duhh)

Ok. Relax.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Pregnancy and Birth

MrJ bought me this book before we knew that I'm preggy. We got it from Kinokuniy4. Moi always wanted pregnancy books that are not too serious, not too detail like biology text books for first year medical student and not too thick like all akmal's pathology books. So I chose this book. Thank you habiby :*

And YES, this book is so far the most hilarious books I've ever read about pregnancy. It's so funny that you can re-read it all over again without getting bored and laugh at the same line tho you knew it already. Haha. Thinking about it pun boleh buat aku gelak guling2. Hahahah. The author is a Brit, and you know, Br1tish love making jokes bout themselves; wallaaaa - that's y the book is extremely hilarious.

Ok, this book if from 'Rough Guide To..' collection. There are many other books in this series.

Title: Rough Guide To Pregnancy and Birth
Author: Kaz Cooke

This is one of the reviews in Aku malas nak tulis another review here since I totally agreed with what they hv to say about the book.

What I love about this book is the fact you're really getting two books in
one. On the one hand, you've got the story of a woman going from conception to
birth, with her thoughts, feelings and concerns,(her diary from week to week)
which makes a humourous and touching read. On the other, you've got a factual
reference; researched to include the latest advice from UK medical

The fact that this book really is funny meant that it's the only
pregnancy book my hubby has managed to finish. And that's saying something -
he's not a keen reader. Within a few days of him starting this book, he was
really playing an active and more understanding role in our pregnancy.

So if you're looking for a compelling read that will really tell you
how it is, this book is a must.

Ha, there you go. MrJ hasnt read it yet tho. Hehe. If you're looking for a book that is fun and at the same time educate you what's going on week-by-week during the preggy period and assure you that being fat is normal, then this book is for you. Personally, I feel at home and at ease reading this book is mainly because the woman in the book went thru the same thing like me just b4 pregnancy - operation to remove cyst.

Will write more about other books later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Umrah Ja'ranah

There were so many happy memories when I think about Makkah and Madinah. It's impossible not to shed one or two tears when looking back at our pictures over there. I'm not planning to write our Hajj travelogue here in sequence, I'll just write what I like and remember most :-)

These piccies were taken on our day trip to bermiqat umrah @ Ja'ranah. On the way there, we stopped by at Jabal Thur, Mina, Arafah, and lastly Ja'ranah. If I'm not mistaken, first umrah Rasulullah miqatnye di Ja'ranah. Ade masjid Ja'ranah kat situ. Still remember when we arrived at the masjid, it was running our of water, so ade la budak2 kat luar masjid ni menjual air utk org2 berwudhuk for solat sunat ihram dalam masjid Ja'ranah. I cant remember why I didnt do umrah that time, prolly tgh red flag.

I think this picture was snapped at Jabal Nur pit-stop.
The maroon jubah is now a history, cant fit into it anymore.

@ Jabal Rahmah

Jabal Rahmah II

In front of Masjid Ja'ranah. MrJ is geared up to perform his umrah.

p/s- Nanti Mummy and Abi bawak HnyB pergi sane, ok?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I was in extreme mess last week.

Saturday 6th, MrJ and I went to Princ3 Court MC for HnyB's monthly checkup with Dr Seri. Mummy's darling was sleeping, *mwah mwah* hence Mummy and Abi cannot peek at 'what' is in between HnyB's leg. Hehe. Cheeky baby!

On Sunday, we went shopping at Sogo Yearly Sales. Huyeahh! There were soOooOo many people Masya-Allah. After a short lecture (courtesy of moi to beloved hubby) begging him to fill up his closet with new stuff, MrJ managed to buy everything for him from top to toe (he only shops once in a blue moon). Mummy ang Abi bought HnyB's 1st clothes too! Double huyeahh!! We were just too excited looking at the supercute baby clothing and decided to get one.

Monday, MrJ took a day off to attend T3chnip interview. If Plan A failed nauzubillah, then Plan B will prevail. Thanks to Rina's Ayam Masak Madu Recipe, we both really enjoyed our berbuka menu that day. Nyum2.

Malam tu I started feeling uncomfortable and ache at everypart of my ligaments and muscles (if any). Didnt follow MrJ to surau for Isya' and Tarawikh Prayer. The pain and ache was so intense that I cant even stand up to pray and only managed to solat duduk. Headache started to creep in and spin the world around. I slept early.

We had early sahur coz MrJ wanted to drive back to Segamat that very morning. I decided not to go to work and went to see my GP. She said my BP dropped too much and I was so pale. (Teringat kat awin yg suke cakap - Azie muke ko pucat giler!) That's why I cant stand on my feet for long. Got 2 days off.

My bodyache started to worsen on Tuesday night. Pusing sane sakit, pusing sini sakit. Semua x kena. I didnt feel hnyB's kicking me and I began to worry. That night I only slept for 4 hours and terjaga once every hour.

Wednesday, I cried all alone at home. Bugs came (unplanned) after work to berbuke with me. We bought food at Pasar Ramadhan, enough for whole Somalia to eat for 10 days. After berbuke, she left. That night, I continue crying and begged MrJ to come home. I was scared and alone and dont know what to do. MrJ decided to drive back to KL after sahur, Thurday morning. Thank you sayang! *mwah mwah*

'I have an excruciating abdominal pain and it's unbearable.' These were the exact words I said to Dr S3ri on Thursday. MrJ was there as well. I arranged for another check-up with her since I cant ignore/tahan/carry on with the pain anymore. She looked worried too.

'Do you notice any spotting/discharges?'

'The pain concentrated mostly at the back, left side and to my left paha.'

'Ok, let us scan and find out.'

Moment of truth.

'Your baby is ok. See.' (Alhamdulillah)

'Doctor, I always thought that (the pain is due to) one the cysts is ruptured like before.'

'Ohhh, you're so get used to it (ruptured cyst). We have checked it before right; and we cant detect anymore cyst in here.' (sambil mendouble check every possible corner to detect for cyst)

She asked me to sit up and slowly punch at the spot where the pain originated.

'Oh here eh? And here as well eh? I see. Ok. I think it's just back pain.' (?!) Just back pain and YET it's so painful, TO THE MAX!

'It's normal for pregnant ladies to have backpain; due to weight gain. But I think it's too early for you to have that. Nampaknyeh another patient for Dr Badrul la ni!'

Ok peeps, I now have my very own orthopedic, Dr Badrul. Hoho. And my gynae has enrolled me to a physio class starting this Saturday! Wihuuu.

I got 3 more days off till Monday. Huyeahh. I hate going to the office these days, tho I'm in deep pain, am still happy.

Hubby, please dont leave me and HnyB anymore. We need you. :-(

Friday, September 5, 2008

What Mummy Likes to Eat

Wanna know which food my mummy loves lots and feeds me most of the time:

1. Chicken. Anything that has chicken in it, gives it to mummy. If mummy dunno what to buy after 10 times tawaf-ing the cafeteria, she'll end up buying nasi ayam.

2. Bihun goreng. The white one (Singapore style) or the Melayu Brown Bihun, semua mummy makan. You know my mummy.

3. Apple. Apple. Apple. Orange. Apple.

Somehow mummy jarang makan ikan while she's having me. I'm not sure why.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Abi's Interview

Abi just had an interview with C4rigali ppl at KLCC few hours ago. It went well, I could tell it from Abi's voice. I knew Abi, he's smart. If he really wants something, he'll go for it. Just like mummy, she's the you-go-girl! kind of homo sapien. (but mummy plays a lot) Later today, after Abi had the 'talk', out of the blue, T3chnip gave him a call. They wanted to interview him as well. Why today ma? Mcm tau2 je. Hoho. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully Abi will get what we pray for day in day out.

Abi, hnyB is always praying for you. Mummy too. We love you :*

p/s- Mummy and Abi at Masjid Tan'im. Abi nak niat umrah, mummy teman je :-) Mummy was kurus last time, now she's as big as Brazil, thanks to me!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kuantan, his home is...

We had a long weekend in Kuantan. Since Monday and Tuesday are public holiday for Mr J (Johor) so I took a day off on Tuesday. 4 days to spent with hubby! Huyeah. Saturday morning, we headed back to Kuantan and arrived safely around 1pm. We then went to kenduri kawen Cikgu Saodah's (Cikgu mengaji MrJ mase kecik2) nephew. Father of the groom was MrJ's bedmate while they were in Mina last year and Mok (MrJ's mom) taught the groom Science when he was in Form 1 at Sm4rt. What a small world!

Balik, after rehat2, me, mok and MrJ went to Teluk Chemped4k. Minum air kelapa (nyum2) and main layang2 with MrJ. Romantis gitu. Hehe. Bought 3 more kelapa muda coz Mok wanna teach me how to make coconut pudding.

After magrib, went to Masjid Al-Hidayah, performed Solat Isya' and had our dinner there. Ade makan2. A day full of free food!

Sunday, (Merdeka Day! but honestly none of us were in the celebration mood) me n mok made pancake for breakfast. Yummy! MrJ still guling2 while we were busy in the kitchen. Hoho. We had our lunch at ADUN Inder4 M4hkota's house. (free food again!) His wife, Dr D4na is a dentist and she runs a private clinic in Kuantan. I visited her once to whiten (or should I put it as to thinning) my teeth. Anyway, the food was scrumptious!! Dr D4na baked a choc-cake which hv our Jalur Gemilang icing on it.

Stop here first, need to solat.

Later that afternoon, Aisyah (MrJ's brother's daughter) dtg. Cute giler budak kecik sorang ni mcm org Japon, lame dah x jumpe. She'll turn 1-year-old on 5th sept, same as Seth HQ (Lana's son). If Seth likes anime, he should seriously consider Aisyah as potential 'ehem'. Unfortunately I forgot to snap her pictures. Aiseh. Petang tu, lg ramai pulak org datang rumah, K Liza sebelah rumah and her hubby, Mama Pis4 and Papanye, so meriah la. Dah nak magrib baru semua dispersed. After magrib prayer, the 6 of us (together with Aisyah and her parents) went to Masjid Negeri for Isya' and tarawikh prayer.

Berakhirlah sudah Rejab, bermulalah Ramadhan...

Monday, me and mom baked apple cake, then MrJ and I cooked ayam goreng berempah and sayur for berbuke while mok masak kari ayam. Sedap2. Aisyah and parents berbuke at Asp4 Cottage, rumah Tok diye.

Tuesday morning, hubbyB and I went back to KL by bus. MrJ ade kerje at Kerteh the very next day so he stayed.

That's all folk. This is the first ramadhan with hunnyB and 2nd one with MrJ.