Wednesday, January 7, 2009

How time flies

Time flies faster than light. Do you believe it? I do.


It was like yesterday we sent mak at the Kel4na J4ya for her Hajj trip, and she' s now on her way back to Malaysia! That's super fast! And I just wrote only 1 entry between the period! HoHOoHo.

I am now entering my 35th week - having hnyB in my big tummy. Fuh. 5 more weeks (or less!) to go. Cuak giler. Day and night, I'm thinking of how to get this cute baby of mine (and Abi :-) out of this body. Hope when the time comes, the process is smooth sailing and Abi will be around with mummy in the Labour Room. Aminnn. Anyway, Abi and Mummy have bought lots of cute stuff for HnyB and mummy is buying more now. Hehe. I just lurveeee window shopping (online) at the comfort of my own house (and office too..erk..) Yeah, mummy has paid for the priceless BP, hopefully it's 'rasi' with mummy. Habis gaji sebulann dol. Hopefully it will arrive by Chinese New Year ^_^

Imah is now safe and sound in Kuch1ng, S4rawak and she's prolly be there for another 3-4 years. She got her first ever posting there after completing her DPLI last December, same goes to her fiance. All the best sista! C yah around end of the month ni, I-Allah.

Epoi is having ANOTHER test today. Being a medical student, he's having like tonnes of tests and I couldn't differentiate one from another. Every week is like another round of test. Good luck bro. That's what Allah has for you and I'm pretty sure you have the strength and courage to pursue this.

Ok, better has something than nothing, right.

Let us all pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Moga Allah hancurkan puak Yahudi dan Zionis.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Give me a reason to write!

Yes, I have one now.

Happy 20th Birthday to my Dear Brother, Muhammad Saifullah. Semoga menjadi hamba Allah yg taat, anak yg soleh, doktor yg mukmin dan pejuang Islam yg tulen. Amin.

Kak Nyah