Friday, December 5, 2008

Dari Allah kita datang, padaNya kita kembali

Again, I've successfully procrastinating myself from updating the blog. Oh well. Busy engineer ;)

Last 2 weeks, MrJ and I took a bus-trip back to Sitiaw4n. We were on a mission of bringing a Hujjaj (my mom) to KL (for transit) before embarking on a meaningful journey 'Kembara Mencari Redha Ilahi' di Tanah Haram.

It was a short trip home, but we managed to drop by @ YobZi's house, visiting We, ('we' is pronouns like 'were') mak's eldest sister. We also visited abah, after so many moons of not going to his new home. He is already in his permanent resident, whereas us, still counting days before the death angel greets us for the first and the last time. "Ya Allah, hidupkan kami di dalam iman, dan matikanlah kami di dalam keimanan yg jitu kepadaMu."

Mak closes friends and neighbors came to bid farewell before we left for KL on Sunday morning. Some shed few tears. It was even more tragic when the rain started pouring soon as MrJ's started to reverse the Kembara out of the porch. Phew. Mak overnight at our house for 4 days, and on Thursday, we send her off to Kompleks T4bung H4ji Kelana Jaya. It took us 2 long hours to reach KJ since it was past 5pm. Heavy rains and massive traffic jams, only God knows how we felt at that very moment. Alhamdulillah, I'll always think ahead when it comes to food. This madam had borong RM20 worth of goreng pisang, goreng ubi and cok kodok. Hehe. So we munched those full-fat, full-cholesterol food while listening to 93.9fm about the Mumb4i's bombing whilst outside, it was raining cats and dogs and cars were moving slower than snails.

When we arrived, Azan magrib is on the air. PakTeh's and his big family were already there. At about 915pm, mak, pakteh, makteh and makteh's brother and her spouse entered the gate. The gate that will direct them to an unforgettable journey, noninterchangeable experience and unspeakable memories. All the best mak. I'm always praying that Allah will give you good health to perform the 5th Rukun Islam. Amin..

Selamat berwukuf di Arafah this coming Sunday. To those who are not performing Hajj, let us fast on the Arafah Day.

Nabi SAW bersabda tentang kelebihan hari Arafah :

"Tiada hari yang lebih banyak Allah membebaskan hambanya lebih dari hari Arafah" (Riwayat Muslim).